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Nicky (ニッキ Nikki?) is the main character of the Sonic the Hedgehog serialized manga published by Shogakukan. He is a fourth-grade student at Hedgehog Elementary School. Nicky is a sweet and even-tempered hedgehog from Hedgehog Town, who occasionally transforms into his future self, the heroic Sonic the Hedgehog.[1] Except for Tails, nobody is aware of his transformative ability.


Nicky, from the Shogaku Ninensei stories.
Nicky, from Sonic the Hedgehog (Gekkan CoroCoro Comic Summer Vacation Special Issue).

In the Shogaku Ninensei stories, before his first transformation, Nicky is an anthropomorphic hedgehog with brown fur and light brown hair.[2]Sonic the Hedgehog (April 1992), Shogaku Ninensei After his transformation, his fur and hair become permanently light blue.[3]At Last, We Learn the Truth About Sonic!! (3 May 1992), Shogaku Ninensei He also wears wide glasses without temple measurements, a red shirt with an “N” printed on it, and blue and white shoes.

In the CoroCoro Comics Special stories, Nicky has head quills similar to Sonic’s and a small fringe above his head. He wears black glasses without temple measurements and white gloves, like other characters.

In the October 1992 issue of Shogaku Ninensei, there is a blurb in the Sonic the Hedgehog story explaining how Nicky’s “transformation” into Sonic the Hedgehog works. The blurb reveals that it isn’t a transformation at all; rather, Sonic is time-traveling from six years in the future to replace his younger self in times of crisis.


Nicky is a good-natured and loyal kid whose biggest dream is to defeat the forces of evil and be regarded as a hero. Unfortunately, he is weak and lacks real courage. Even though the people around him believe in him, he rarely has the nerve to take action, which is why he is often bullied by Anton Veruca. He has low self-esteem, often stewing in self-deprecation, but this also means he is willing to act selflessly.

Nicky loves spending time with his girlfriend Amy and his friends. He is aware and jealous of Amy’s crush on Sonic, though he appreciates the heroic hedgehog for fighting Dr. Eggman and saving Amy, unaware that he is actually Sonic. Nicky dreams of becoming a musician, though he is incredibly bad at singing and playing his favorite instrument, the violin.


Because of his blurry vision, Nicky has to wear glasses, as not doing so makes him unable to see. Additionally, he is unable to swim.[4]The Adventures of SONIC the Hedgehog Chapter 14, story one


Nicky, from from the Shogaku Ninensei stories.


First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog (Shogaku Ninensei) Chapter 1

Game Appearances

Sonic Origins (cameo)

Real-World Designer(s)

Creator(s) (Real-World)

Kenji Terada

Biographical Overview


10[5]Kenji Terada (in Japanese). 小学四年生 (May 1992 issue)Shogakukan. p. 96.


  • Brenda (mother)
  • Paulie (father)
  • Tania (younger sister)



Physical Description




Light blue (formerly brown)




  • Glasses
  • White gloves
  • Sneakers

Alignment and Character Traits




  • Amy
  • Pizza
  • Playing violin


  • Dr. Eggman
  • Anton Veruca
  • Being weak and incompetent

Powers and Abilities


Vehicle intuition


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