SONIC FREE RIDERS Original Soundtrack – Break Free –

ソニック フリーライダーズ サウンドトラック ブレイク フリー

Release Date: Dec 08, 2010

Published By: WAVE MASTER

Composed By: Tomonori Sawada, Koji Sakurai

Arranged By: Richard Jacques, Jun Senoue

Performed By: Crush 40

Music: Jun Senoue

Lyrics: Johnny Gioeli

Produced by: Richard Jacques, Jun Senoue, Tomonori Sawada, Conway Studios

Vocals: Chris Madin, Johnny Gioeli

Vocals Recorded by: Russel Chandler

Guitars: Jun Senoue

Programming: Jun Senoue

Bass: Takeshi Taneda

Drums: Katsuji

Additional Programming: Richard Jacques

Additional Vocals: Chris Madin

Recorded by: Masahiro Fukuhara

Mixed by: Masahiro Fukuhara

Mastered by: Masahiro Fukuhara, Shigeharu Isoda

Mastered at: Wave Master Studio

Artworks: Hideaki Moriya

Design: Hideaki Moriya

Executive Producer: Fumitaka Shibata

A&R Director: Kazuo Koizumi

Licensing: Eishin Miura

Marketing: Yusuke Asano

Promotion: Reiko Chiba

Special Thanks: Takahiro Uno (O-Two inc.), Kiyoshi Yoshida (Attic Arcade, inc.), Hiroki Hayashi (ESP Guitars), Yuichi Sugata (ESP Guitars), Yas Yokote (Performance Guitars), Scott Uchida (Jim Dunlop), Yujiro Obata (Zoom), Naofumi Hataya, Shinobu Yokota

Games RepresentedSonic Free Riders

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