Sonic Forces: Speed Battle - Fearless - Year of Shadow!

April 9, 2024 April 17, 2024

Fearless - Year of Shadow!

Event has started!

Gain cards for your favourite Shadow!

Be Fearless! Join the ‘Fearless - Year of Shadow’ event and gain cards for your favourite Shadow! Become the Ultimate Life Form by collecting cards for Super Shadow, Vampire Shadow, Dragon Hunter Lancelot and Sir Lancelot!

There will be FREE gifts of Special cards throughout the event, so make sure you check the store regularly.

All events will start at 11 UTC and run for 24 hours! The dates of these events and their rewards can be seen below:

Event Dates
Vampire Shadow 09/04/2024
Super Shadow 10/04/2024
Sir Lancelot 11/04/2024
Dragon Hunter Lancelot 12/04/2024
Vampire Shadow 13/04/2024
Super Shadow 14/04/2024
Sir Lancelot 15/04/2024
Dragon Hunter Lancelot 16/04/2024

Cards from each stage of the event will go into a single Vault. Purchasing a single Vault key will allow you to open this Vault through each stage of the event.

The event’s Daily Gift contains: Gold Rings
Sonic Forces: Speed Battle Ring

Open a Daily Gift every 24 hours during this event.

Bonus Stage!

Event Mission refresh times have been HALVED!

Bonus Missions!

The events Bonus Missions will contain:

  • Punk Zazz
  • DJ Vector

These rewards from the Bonus Missions will go into the Vault!

Be Fearless!

This event will run between: 09/04/24 - 17/04/24.

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