This month’s Sonic Channel commemorative illustration celebrates the release of Sonic R and the upcoming Halloween season. It features the eerie and infamous Tails Doll. Originally introduced in the racing game with the catchiest soundtrack of all time, the Tails Doll has been the subject of numerous Sonic community “creepypastas.” Take a look at the illustration below, along with the English translation of Sonic Channel’s post!

This month’s installment of the game launch commemorative illustration series. 🎮
We bring you an illustration in commemoration of the 1997 release of ‘Sonic R’ 🎨

A free-for-all racing game with characters and race cars 🏎️🦔

In this game, you can find the Tails Doll 🦊 Its adorable appearance and jet-black eyes are the highlights 👍 The more you look at it, the more your heart might be captured… Interested? 👁️

Source: Sonic Channel on Twitter

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