With Tokyo Game Show came a whole slew of Sonic Superstars news, most notably pertaining to the game’s Battle Mode. In this mode, players have the exciting opportunity to command metallic versions of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy. No, we don’t mean the metal versions found in Sonic Heroes’ multiplayer; we mean Metal Sonic, Metal Knuckles, the new Metal Tails, and even Metal Amy. Moreover, players have the freedom to extensively personalize their avatars thanks to a diverse range of available components.

In this competitive mode, players fight for victory across three rounds set in randomly selected battle arenas. These include:

  • Standard Race to the Goal Mode.
  • “Zap Scrap,” a mode where players launch projectiles at each other. Scoring is based on dealing damage to opponents while losing points when taking damage. Special powered-up bullets are concealed within item boxes.
  • “Star Snatcher,” where players must gather stars within a limited timeframe but risk losing them if they sustain damage.
  • Survival mode, in which players must remain on the stage until the end, avoiding cannonball threats and the additional peril of collapsing scenery.

Points are earned based on performance in each round, and the ultimate winner is determined by the player who amasses the highest number of points when the game ends.

This game mode can be played both online and offline. Online play enables the acquisition of medals, which can be used to buy cosmetic components for your metallic combatant. In the offline mode, players can engage in battles together, or a single player can challenge AI-controlled opponents.

Sega walks you through the Battle Mode for Sonic Superstars, the upcoming 2.5D Sonic game for up to four players due out on October 17 for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Battle Mode B-Roll footage that was released by SEGA for Sonic Superstars during Tokyo Game Show 2023

SEGA has also treated fans to a sneak peek of the upcoming Sonic Superstars soundtrack, with a particular focus on Speed Jungle.

The music, showcased in the video below, begins with the lively Act 1 composition by Tee Lopes, a beloved composer from the Sonic series. Following that, we are treated to a mysterious and atmospheric track by Takahiro Kai (presumably the music for Amy’s specific Act in this Zone). Finally, the preview concludes with the fast-paced techno sounds of Act 2, composed by Hidenori Shoji.

Traverse your way through the depths of an overgrown jungle with Sonic Superstars’ Speed Jungle Mix!

Takashi Iizuka also showed off multiple levels and modes from Sonic Superstars at the Samsung Gaming Project event namely, Bridge Island and Pinball Carnival Zone, both played showing off the game’s co-op along with more Battle Mode and Special Stage gameplay.

Stay tuned to Sonic City for more Sonic Superstars News and Updates!

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