According to a press release on, Wildbrain and SEGA are partnering with PMI toys for a 360-degree licensing approach which will include “collectibles, mini figures, clip-on plush, stampers, games and more”

Omer Dekel, COO at PMI Ltd. had this to say:

Partnering with the iconic Sonic brand will no doubt be a huge adventure. Our new product line based on the new Sonic Prime series features a mix of core designs and some very cool new designs that are going to make a lot of noise in the market. We are very excited about the upcoming line of top quality licensed products and joining Sega’s Sonic ecosystem alongside the Netflix series, movie and gaming. A big thanks to our friends at WildBrain CPLG and Big Picture Licensing for a job well done in brokering the deal. On a personal note, I now get an extra kick seeing how much my young son loves Sonic, just as I did when I was a boy myself.

Omer Dekel, COO at PMI Ltd.

You can read the full press release here.

JAKKS Pacific and PMI will both be making merchandise for the upcoming Netflix animated series.

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